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3 Tips For Finding An Excellent Family Lawyer To Hire

Divorce is an unfortunate but necessary process in many circumstances, and if you find yourself dealing with one then you need adequate legal representation. Naturally, you would want to find a talented family lawyer to take on your case, but this is not always easy.

There’s no shortage of solicitors out there who have experience helping clients who are going through a divorce, but not all of them will be equal in skill or the value they bring. With this in mind, it’s essential that you are careful and make sure you take note of the following tips for finding an excellent family lawyer.


1. Ask people you know for their references

You likely know a few people, either through work or social media, that have been through a divorce. These people would have hired their own family lawyers, and they can be a great place for you to start your journey in acquiring one.

If you know that division of assets is going to be a highly contentious issue in your divorce, then it would make sense to ask for help from someone who deal with that issue themselves. They will likely have hired a solicitor who was expert at dealing with these matters.

When you get a reference from someone you know and trust, you can be more assured of the quality of the family lawyer they connect you with. If they had a good experience working with that particular solicitor, then it likely you will as well (but nothing is ever guaranteed, of course).


2.  Use the internet

The internet is a fantastic resource for finding the goods and services you require, and this is as true for family lawyers as it is for everything else. Simply performing an internet search for solicitors who specialise in divorce will present you with a long list of results that you can browse between to find the best candidate.

It’s worth checking out each of the websites of the candidates you are considering and comparing them. Try to gather as much information as you can and write down some identifying facts about each person on your shortlist. For example, one of the solicitors could have an office that is closest to you, while another might have a unique pricing structure that makes their services more attractive.

Don’t get too caught up reading the marketing spiels on their websites, as these are largely the same. All solicitors will claim to be passionate and client-focused, so ignore these buzzwords and try to identify what the key points of difference between them are.


3.  Do some interviews with your candidates

When you are selecting a family lawyer, a lot is at stake. It’s worth taking some time to meet the people you are thinking about hiring and getting a sense whether they are right for you. It does not take long after meeting a solicitor to get a gut feeling about them and whether or not they are the correct person to hire.

During this initial meeting, you can describe some details about your case and state your objectives. Without giving assurances, they should be able to talk about a broad outline for how they would help you and impart confidence in you that they are the right professional to go with.

They should appear eager to work with and have a professional composure, as well as a neat and tidy office. If their office looks disorganised, then they probably won’t be very organised when it comes to your case.

There you have it, 3 tips for finding an excellent family lawyer.