Benefits of Online Access With Your Pathology Test Results

In 2019 patients are able to enjoy access with your online pathology test results.

There is a diverse range of conditions that will be tested for after a referral from a medical professional to book in for a pathology appointment.

From allergies to diabetes, cancer checks, vitamin deficiencies, ulcers, sepsis, fertility and gallstones among many others, it is a helpful exercise to bypass the offline world and discover the information as soon as it becomes available.

Here we will outline the key benefits of using these specified portals and why they are considered a valuable exercise for citizens to utilise.



While the traditional process with engaging pathology providers has been involved with further consultations, phone calls and direct mail forwarded to a physical address, there is a need to provide greater convenience in 2019. Online access with your pathology test results ensures a higher degree of convenience for all parties, offering citizens a chance to read the information at home on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. As a free portal, it gives health professionals and patients alike a chance to obtain accurate details without the burden of traveling or scheduling for additional appointments immediately.


Greater Immediacy

There can likely be a degree of anxiousness and anxiety about obtaining tests results in this instance and that will place pressure on the medical practice to offer the results in a timely fashion. This is where online access with your pathology test results becomes incredibly beneficial, allowing the individual to receive the update and read the details as soon as they are made privately available. The health system will publish onto the online portal as soon as it is made available without having to incur delays or rely on the local postal service to provide the details.


Going In-Depth On The Information

There are dozens upon dozens of potential test profiles that can be run for individual patients. When finding online access with your pathology test results, there could be a myriad of findings that the lab will want to document. This could feature anyone of the following and beyond:

  • Thyroid
  • Pap Smear
  • Beta-2 Glycoprotein
  • Chloride
  • Urine Culture
  • Iron
  • Glucose
  • CO2
  • Alkaline Phosphatase
  • Phosphate
  • Serotonin
  • Haemoglobin
  • Electrolytes
  • Cholesterol
  • White Blood Cell Count
  • Mercury
  • Herpes
  • Insulin

These specified tests could highlight another condition that might not have previously been diagnosed, giving patients a head start to engage with their doctor and carefully look over the results.


Keeping Personal Records & Forwarding To Other Medical Specialists

While pathology test results are made available to those medical specialists who require the information, it is beneficial to know that these records have been made official and documented for future reference. For those that source online access with your pathology test results, discussions and contacts can be held with a GP or another trusted medical party having read the assessment first hand.


Knowing The Next Steps

For patients who enjoy online access with your pathology test results, it is easier for the medical practitioner to outline additional information on potential treatments and establish the next steps. They will have the scientific studies documented before instigating the next phase for the patient in order to receive the right care for their condition.


Online access with your pathology test results is one of the more common features that patients can utilise in 2019, but it is merely one phase of a greater exercise for individuals. By consulting with your pathologist and other medical professionals like a GP, this is information that can be used to help inform decisions on the next steps. They will help to educate the patient and the doctor to reach a diagnoses and source treatment to alleviate the issue as soon as possible.