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Learn Methods To Remove Stains On The Wall

When painting or remodeling a home, it is common to want the walls to remain in good condition for a long time. Therefore, scratches, flakes, or blemishes on the wall can cause great despair at the moment.
The stains on the walls are inevitable over time, especially for those who own children at home. However, it is possible to apply some basic tricks and homemade to preserve the painting. So, Pinheiro Tintas has prepared a list with some methods to help you remove the spots on the wall that bother you. Check out!
Tips On How To Remove Wall Stains Correctly
Stains on white walls
To remove stains on white walls, we may consider using ordinary detergent and warm water. In more complex stains, a mixture of white vinegar and warm water is recommended. In either case, you should use a microfiber cloth or a soft white cloth. It is recommended to make light movements, as it avoids the removal of pigmentation.
Hand marks and fat spots
It is recommended that in this case, ordinary detergent and warm water should be used. In instances of grease traces, the soap should act longer and then repeat the action.
Drawings in pencil or pen
In the case of graphite pencil cleaning, a white rubber should be used, and apply it gently. Failure to do so may damage the paint. When cleaning white walls, it is recommended to use a solvent (with alcohol or acetone). To prevent the risk from spreading, the use of a cotton swab in the application of the substance is essential.
If there is any uncertainty about the process, a small test can be performed in the corner of the wall before. On colored walls, the above procedure can cause paint damage. Therefore, it is best to choose washable paints.
For the case of molds, use a mixture of white vinegar, or peroxide, and warm water. The procedure must be repeated until damage is eliminated.

If there are more severe stains, the use of diluted bleach in water may help.