Glass Water Pipes: 5 Tips to Protect Your Purchase

Experienced tobacco smokers will have their own interpretation of what apparatus they will prefer for their smoking experience.

Of all the products that are available to utilise in 2020, glass water pipes remain hot property for those that want the very best.

With so much value to be had, the trick is to purchase a product that ticks all of the right boxes without falling for a low-quality brand or material.

By taking stock of 5 tips to protect your purchase, it will be easier to find an asset that offers real long-term value.


Tip 1: Buying From Reputable Supplier

There are so many benefits that are evident with glass water pipes against other types of assets for domestic smokers. Not only is this a design that provides a smoother hit for the user but it will work to cool the smoke and filter out the contaminants that can build up. It is only when shoppers decide to shortchange themselves and buy from a supplier that is not reputable where problems quickly arise. Individuals should check their online rating, ensure they have legitimate referrals and a proven track record of delivering the goods to their constituents.


Tip 2: A Stylistic Choice You Love

There really is so much variety out there with glass water pipes that the choice can be tough to narrow down which design is best. From the beakers to the straight tubes to the percolators, bubblers, recyclers and obscure cultural creations, there really is something out there in the market for everyone. The tip in this instance is to opt for a style that speaks to personal taste and preference. Shoppers who rush their decision and settle for a basic outlet will likely look to replace the item in quick time, adding to the cost that could have been saved initially.


Tip 3: Shop Around

You will only know the true value of glass water pipes once the consumer has scoured the market and understood how much these goods are from one brand to the next. Some of the generic designs can be acquired for as little as $40-$50 retail, but the brands that provide long-term value will commonly be sourced between $100-$200. The more time that is taken and the wider the variety of websites that are assessed, the better the consumer will be placed to make an educated decision based on price.


Tip 4: Cleaning Kit Included

The use of dirty glass water pipes really will diminish the smoking experience and hamper the tobacco that is consumed. By including alcoholic wipes and a cleaning kit included as part of the package, there will be actual long-term value and the shopper will protect their purchase. The build-up of contaminants is a real problem for the user, something that applies on a personal health level and also for the benefit of the tobacco. Ensure that there is at least the opportunity to include a cleaning kit when buying the goods over the counter or online.


Tip 5: Safe Delivery & Consumer Protections

Glass water pipes by their very nature are fragile products to ship from one location to the next. Even when precautions are taken to label the box as fragile, there is every chance that a crack or break could occur during shipping. Rather than having to scramble to find a solution after the fact, consumers should buy from an outlet that provides safe delivery mechanisms and warranty policies that safeguards the purchase.


Experienced smokers will already know what to find and look out for with their glass water pipes, but others should exercise a degree of caution and commonsense to get real value. These principles apply in store and online.