Learn More About The Government-Funded Services That You Are Entitled To By Looking Into ACAT Assessments In Sydney

Growing older is just a part of life but it is also a part of life that isn’t talked about nearly enough. This is because people are afraid of getting older and, of course, of dying. But the truth is, when people are prepared as much as they can be, they are much more likely going to make this transition a smooth and easy one.

For many, they will find power in making plans early one which means that they not only get to pick the last home that they live in but they also go as far as to put aside money in order to pay for this. When people do this, they are not placing a burden on their children and they are able to feel safe when transitioning into the last stage of their life. What is more likely to happen, however, is that people will bury their heads in the sand and won’t plan anything until they are in a place where they are unable to do so and this task will then be left to their loved ones. And so to best help people, here is how you can learn more about the government-funded services that you are entitled to by looking into ACAT assesments in Sydney.


You can find out if your loved one is eligible for subsidised aged care by looking into ACAT assessments in Sydney

When families have not prepared for an elderly loved one, they may be worried about how they are going to pay for their care. Thankfully, those who do not have any savings for whatever reason and are perhaps receiving a pension may be eligible for subsidised aged care. It is important to note, however, that lots of things are factored in such as possessions owned as well as any property that may be owned.

Thankfully, it is easy enough to be assessed and this may even be able to occur over the phone. For others, they may need to have this done in person by visiting an aged care facility, by having someone come to the home, or by having one done at the hospital. ACAT assessments in Sydney are designed to help people figure out what type of care is suitable for them e.g. home care, respite, or long-term care, and will also let them know what they are entitled to.


It can be helpful for people to find out what types of costs they may encounter by looking into ACAT assessments in Sydney

There can be some scenarios where people will think that they are going to be completely covered by government funded payments but then after looking into ACAT assessments in Sydney, they realise that there are some costs that they will need to adjust for. This can include things such a basic daily fee, an extra services fee (e.g. a glass of wine served each night), a means-tested care fee, or something else along these lines. All of these fees will cover the care itself ranging from equipment, to food, to staff, as well as everything else that is involved.

While this can be daunting to find out, it is important that people do this so that they are prepared for all of the costs that are involved. There are plenty of professionals out there who are willing to help and so looking into ACAT assessments in Sydney is an incredibly good idea so that people can make the whole process as smooth as possible.